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Welcome to the Sphere 1 2016 Annual Meeting TableTop Selection Site

Currently, this site is open for registered members and preferred suppliers to select the parties with whom they would like to meet. You have until February 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time to make your selections. At that time, the site will be closed and the meeting scheduling will commence.

Follow these steps to enter your TableTop meeting requests:

  1. Login to this site (if haven't already done so) using the link below.  You will need the username and password that was previously emailed to you.
  2. Use the link below to access the meeting preference selection portion of this site.
  3. After you've made and saved your selections, you're done. We will be sending you an e-mail containing your meeting schedule after we complete the scheduling process.
If you are registered to access this site, click here to login.

If you have any questions regarding this site or any aspect of the selection process, contact Barb Drochak at 702-629-6468.